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Where are classes taught?

I teach at Clever K-9 in Kaukauna usually on Monday nights. Classes fill fast due to the popularity of the sport.

Where can I take private lessons?

Private lessons are taught in Green Bay and in Kaukauna. I have a building I utilize in Green Bay and I also use Clever K-9 in Kaukauna. During the warmer months, I may pick a park to work in, and that can be anywhere but is dependent on weather.

Should I sign up now or later for classes?

It's best to contact me at my email and let me know you are interested in classes. I do have a list of people I keep for any future classes. This means you will be the first person I call if I have a new class starting up.

Can I come and watch classes?

I love it when people are interested enough to come and observe what they can expect from class. Just contact me and I will let you know when to come.

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